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7 Ways to Build Rapport With Clients

Building connections with your clients isn’t always automatic. Sometimes, a client in pain is a little more reserved, moody, or outspoken. And, while it may feel like you’ll never make a connection with a difficult client, it’s not impossible. It may just take a little more effort or time. So, what can you do to…

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5 Tips for Dealing with Difficult Clients

As a nurse, you’re used to dealing with all sorts of different personalities — from doctors and family members to your clients. While most of these personalities don’t impact your day-to-day, a difficult client can make coming into work a drag. On the one hand, it’s easy to understand how someone dealing with a myriad…

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5 Types of Nurses & What They Do

If you’re considering becoming a nurse, or if you’ve been working in the nursing field for years, you should know that you have many options. There are positions for various certified nurses, and each profession has different responsibilities. But, what makes each position unique? And, how can you determine which career is the best fit…

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45 Discounts and Deals for Nurses

Feeling appreciated really goes a long way — especially in a career that can at times feel thankless. Nursing is one of those careers. While some companies go all out to celebrate nurses during certain parts of the year, others offer year-round benefits. So, why should you have to wait for nurses’ week to cash…

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5 Benefits of a Career in Nursing

Not everyone knows what they want to do professionally from the moment they’re a child. Even those with a college diploma can sometimes have second thoughts. Nursing is one of those career paths that invites people from all walks of life — from students with a clear idea of where they want to go in…

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Following Her True Calling

When Elda Abraham was three, she needed her blood drawn. There was only one problem — her veins were hard to find. After multiple failed attempts, and many tears from little Elda, a nurse came over and sat with her. She calmed Elda down and quickly and quietly did what no other nurse had done,…

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Finding Your Home in Home Health Care

 From the time she was in high school, Licenced Practical Nurse April Dunbar always knew she wanted to be a nurse. After graduation, she started her career at a nursing college, but the path to her future took a few bumps and turns. Thanks to a nursing lotto, April was able to get into…

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10 Essential Equipment & Tools for Nurses

Nurses are superheroes to their patients. And, just like Batman, they have a toolbelt full of equipment and tools that make their job easier. While some tools and equipment may be obvious, others help behind the scenes. So, what are the most important? And, how do they help you do your job? 10 Must-Have Equipment…

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The 8 Most Common Reasons Nurses Quit Their Jobs

If you’re working as a nurse, then you see firsthand that there is a nursing shortage — both nationally and worldwide. While this shortage has been long in coming as the population of people needing care exceeds those that are in the workforce, another problem arises: nurses are beginning to leave the field of their own…

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5 Tips to Prevent Nurse Burnout

Nurses are known for doing everything in their power to care for others — even if it means neglecting themselves. But, this can be detrimental to your health and can also lead to burnout. That’s because caring for others can drain your physical, social, and mental energy. And, when you remain drained over a long…

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