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Meet Bonnie: A Client Caregiver Story

Meet Bonnie — a caregiver who gives her all to her patients. Bonnie is an LPN who works for Sonas. Let’s explore Bonnie’s background, her life as a caregiver, and why Sonas is different. Bonnie’s Background Bonnie discovered in her late teens that her grandmother was a registered nurse. In fact, her grandmother actually worked…

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Meet Bonnie A Client Caregiver Story

Making a Difference for M: A Client Caregiver Story

Mariveliz Rosado (Nurse) “Mi nombre is Mariveliz Rosado yo trabajo en Sonas Home Health Care por un año y dos meses.” “My name is Mariveliz Rosado and I have worked with Sonas Home Health Care for one year and two months.” “M tiene dos años, ahora mismo, en Abril cumple tres años. Ella tiene Hydrocifalia…

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Making a Difference for M A Client Caregiver Story

Forging Common Bonds — Helping One Special Patient Be a Regular Kid 

For caregivers and patients alike, a positive home health experience is about being open-minded and finding common bonds. That’s what Dior — an 11-year-old girl with a rare neurological condition that requires the support of a wheelchair and a ventilator — and her nurse Valerie both have to say about the experience. “You might be…

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pediatric home health care patient

For One Special Patient, an Extended Family

Since starting her career in home health care, ​​Mariveliz, an LPN, knew she had found the right path for her. She liked the pace, the routine, and especially the ability to truly connect with her patients and their families. “Home care is better because you have one person. In a hospital, there are so many…

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An Extended Family For One Special Patient

A Love for Children

When Michelle first began caring for Jaydyn, her body was stiff and inflexible. Her muscles were rigid and only capable of working in one direction. “When I would pick Jaydyn up, she would be like a piece of wood or a statue. And the first time that I picked her up, and she bent in…

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A Love for Children

When Nursing is in the Family

For LPN Kathy Reynold, nursing isn’t just an occupation. It’s become a part of her family. Her mother was a nurse, so when she was looking to change careers, becoming a phlebotomist felt like a natural step. But, it wasn’t too long before Kathy found her calling in home health care. Today, she works as…

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Following Her True Calling

 When Elda Abraham was three, she needed her blood drawn. There was only one problem — her veins were hard to find. After multiple failed attempts, and many tears from little Elda, a nurse came over and sat with her. She calmed Elda down and quickly and quietly did what no other nurse had…

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Finding Your Home in Home Health Care

 From the time she was in high school, Licenced Practical Nurse April Dunbar always knew she wanted to be a nurse. After graduation, she started her career at a nursing college, but the path to her future took a few bumps and turns. Thanks to a nursing lotto, April was able to get into…

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Going Above & Beyond for Patients

 The nursing career isn’t for everyone. And, while most people may see that as a reason to stray from the career path, Olivia Mason saw it as a challenge to prove people wrong. Now, 40 years later, she’s thriving as an LPN in her nursing career and making a huge difference for her clients….

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Going Above and Beyond for Patients

Growing Stronger Through Unique Bonds

For Registered Nurse Evelyn Rivera, helping people isn’t just her career. It’s her life. She loves providing care to people and making a difference. She has worked in home health care for more than a decade, providing her services in Puerto Rico and Massachusetts before moving to Florida. Now, she’s caring for A.R. “It’s beautiful…

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Caregiver Story-Evelyn
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