Questions to Ask Your Family Caregiver

Questions to Ask Your Family Caregiver

It’s easy to ask questions. It’s smart to operate on the “need to know” and finding the answers to your questions is quite rewarding.

Is this a new time in your life? Do you need to find a home health care provider either for yourself or your loved one? Research and asking the right questions will help alleviate your concerns.

Sonas Home Health Care specializes in answering home health care questions. From the basic questions of “How does home care work?” to “What kind of caregiver will be referred?” to detailed answers to the questions you should ask before you get a caregiver.

11 Important Questions to Ask Your Family Caregiver

When you call Sonas Home Health Care feel free to ask:

1. Are your background checks and screening process reliable?

2. Do you follow up with your clients?

3. What if my caregiver calls in sick or goes on vacation?

4. Can you please tell me about your service agreement?

5. How do I know my loved one will get the most appropriate caregiver to take care of her needs? How long has s/he been with your company?

6. For what duties, in addition to personal care, will the caregiver be responsible?

7. Will the home health caregiver be able to transfer someone from a wheelchair into a car or bed?

8. If meal prep is needed will my caregiver be a good and knowledgeable cook?

9. I want the same caregiver every day. Will this be possible?

10. Do the caregivers have reliable transportation and insurance? How far do they drive?

11. What if a caregiver is not comfortable with some of the assigned duties?

Contact Sonas for Home Health Care Services in Florida

You’ve heard it said, “There are no dumb questions.” This is true. And when it comes to protecting and caring for your loved one Sonas Home Health Care invites you to ask questions.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home health care services in Florida, contact the caring staff at Sonas Home Health Care. Call today (888) 592-5855.