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Baby A Giggles His Way into His Caregiver’s Heart

Crystal Lytle used to be an LPN at an assisted living facility. Five years ago, she decided to switch paths to become a pediatric caregiver. Since April 2018, she’s been helping Baby A’s parents care for him. Baby A was diagnosed with several heart conditions when he was only two months of age, and at...

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A Caregiver Who Became Like Family

When Charles H. was diagnosed with dementia, his wife took on the full-time caregiver duties. She did so for 15 years with dedication and loving care. However, after he underwent surgery, she realized she would need help. This is when Terri Parham, from Sonas Home Health Care, came in. “I’ve been a caregiver for about...

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Successful Caregiver Story: Sherri Friscia

Sonas caregiver Sherri Friscia has an impressive background: She’s worked as a technician for fighter aircrafts for the Air Force and as a surgical nurse. But it’s been her work with Sonas Health Care that has allowed her to fully connect with pediatric patients, something that fulfills her every day. “I’ve been caring for Baby...

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