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A Love for Children

When Michelle first began caring for Jaydyn, her body was stiff and inflexible. Her muscles were rigid and only capable of working in one direction. “When I would pick Jaydyn up, she would be like a piece of wood or a statue. And the first time that I picked her up, and she bent in...

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More Than a Nurse: Her Second Mom

It’s hard to say whose days have changed more — Amelia’s or her mother Ivy’s. Over the course of four years, Sonas nurses have touched nearly every part of their lives. What was once Ivy’s sole responsibility is now shared with Amelia’s home health nurse, Caroline. “It feels like they’re family. We get along with them...

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When Nursing is in the Family

For LPN Kathy Reynold, nursing isn’t just an occupation. It’s become a part of her family. Her mother was a nurse, so when she was looking to change careers, becoming a phlebotomist felt like a natural step. But, it wasn’t too long before Kathy found her calling in home health care. Today, she works as...

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