Good Balance Is The Key to Avoiding Falls

Good Balance Is The Key to Avoiding Falls

The Centers for Disease Control report that falls are the leading cause of fatal injuries in the United States. In fact, 2013 saw 2.5 million fall injuries in emergency rooms. Having good balance is key to preventing fall-related injuries for seniors.

When someone is said to have problems with their balance, it means that they have an impairment in how their bodies regulate their positioning and movement. Good balance requires the vision to work in synchronization with skin, muscle, and joint nerve endings along with the nerves in the inner ear. When all of these do not communicate well together, balance issues start to happen.The most common balance problems are vertigo, lightheadedness, and unsteadiness.

There can be many reasons for issues with balance. They can be stand alone illnesses, or they can be related to other health problems. Due to the serious nature of falls to a senior’s health, it is imperative to see a healthcare provider if balance issues persist.

If you are homebound and have Medicare benefits and you have balance issues, you may be eligible to receive in-home Physical Therapy visits. Sonas Home Health Care can refer a Medicare Home Health Care Agency that can oversee this assessment and treatment

There are resources available to make your homes safer. Floridians Fighting Falls is an organization that acts as a referral and education source for older adults with the goal of reducing fall-related injuries. In Martin County, they can arrange for Martin County Fire Rescue to provide a home inspection with the aim of identifying and eliminating tripping hazards. Go to their website for more information.

At Sonas Home Health Care, we understand the importance of maintaining independent living for older adults. Our services are designed to ensure that individuals left vulnerable after a hospital stay are safe in their home. Contact us directly to speak with a home health care professional or Request a Free In-Home Consultation. Together we can determine the right plan of action for your family and help your loved begin his or her new chapter in life with confidence.

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