How to Prevent Common In-Home Injuries in Seniors

How to Prevent Common In-Home Injuries in Seniors

When you’re a family caregiver, you have a lot of different things to look at in order to keep your loved one safe.

Preventing injuries starts at home and most of the injuries your loved one could sustain are the result of something simple and easily overlooked.

5 Ways to Prevent Common In-Home Injuries in Seniors

1. Check the Bathrooms

Bathrooms are a tremendous source of potential danger for your elderly loved one.

Make sure the bath mats aren’t slippery and replace them if they are.

Rubberized backings can help to ensure your loved one is less likely to slip.

You may also want to install handrails in the shower and near the toilet to give your loved one a secure handhold.

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2. Remove Tripping Hazards

Look all over the house to remove potential tripping hazards.

Falls are an extremely common source of injury for elderly loved ones.

Some of the biggest problems to watch for are throw rugs that can flip and move, worn carpeting, extension cords that stretch across the pathway, and clutter.

3. Install Night Lights

Night lights are excellent at night for when your loved one needs to get up in the middle of the night, but they’re handy during the day, too.

Put night lights in hallways or stairways that don’t get a lot of natural light. That way you can light those areas without having to manually turn on a light each time.

4. Check the Water Heater

Another safety item that is often overlooked is the water heater.

Check the temperature to make sure it’s set to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or below. That way you can keep everyone in the house from becoming scalded by water that is too hot.

The good news is you’ll still have water that is hot enough for dishes and anything else.

5. Check Stairs for Problems

If you haven’t taken a good look at your stairs recently, now is the time.

For stairs that have carpet, make sure the carpet isn’t loose or frayed anywhere.

If the stairs are wood, make sure you don’t wax them or polish them as that can make them extremely slippery.

Check handrails, too, and repair or replace them if they’re loose.

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Make it a regular part of your routine to check these items every month or so to ensure they’re still safe.

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