Kimberly Conrad Director of Contract Development

Kimberly Conrad is the Director of Contract Development at Sonas Home Health Care. She began her career as an office manager in the home health care industry before founding Partners Home Care where she led her team for thirteen years.

In her role at Sonas, Kimberly implements organizational principles of integrity and compliance that keep the momentum of ever-changing contractual arrangements. She is responsible for delivering secure procedures to maintain contracts and proposals. Kimberly works in close collaboration with her team to set deliverables and manage deadlines.

Kimberly is a Tampa native and Plant High School graduate. She’s had a passion for healthcare since she joined the team at ResCare/Housecall Home Health Care in 1992. Since then, she has held positions at Interim HealthCare and Utopia Home Care.

Outside of her work at Sonas, Kimberly enjoys spending time in the Tampa Bay area with friends and family. She lives in Lakeland, Florida.