Senior Community Move-In Program

What is the Senior Community Move-In Program?

You’re moving from your lifelong home into a senior living community and to a whole new way of life. It’s stressful. We want to help make the transition as smooth and easy as possible. That’s where our Senior Community Move-In Program comes in. We developed a three-day program to assist you as you move into your new home, providing the tools and assistance you’ll need to make this transition as stress-free as possible.

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Day One: Moving Day

This day may be the most daunting, but we will help you and your family make the move as easy as pie. Your move-in specialist will…

  • Help you settle comfortably in your new home
  • Arrange your living space in a cozy, convenient fashion that helps you feel at home
  • Familiarize you with your space to make sure you know where to find everything you need
  • Help you learn the layout of your new community, ensuring you know how to access all key services

Senior Living Community Move-In Program

Day Two: Exploration Day

Now that you’re getting settled in, it’s time to start getting acquainted with your new surroundings and neighbors. Today, your move-in specialist will…

  • Review the previous day’s tour, ensuring you are comfortable and confident locating services and opportunities to enhance your living experience
  • Assist you in beginning to establish key relationships with staff and those who can help you feel comfortable in your new community
  • Ease your path to building new friendships, helping you meet your neighbors and joining you for meals and events
  • Help obtain any household items you may need so your home is stocked with everything you may need

Senior Living Community Move-In Program

Day Three: Acclimation Day

On day three, your move-in specialist will focus on making sure you feel comfortable and confident in your new home. He or she will…

  • Review everything you have learned on days one and two, ensuring you are confident accessing services and staff you need to know
  • Answer any questions you may have and make sure your home is arranged to your liking as you start your new life
  • Help you continue to meet new neighbors, paving the way for lasting friendships

Senior Living Community Move-In Program


I want to commend you on your professional, competent and caring caregivers. Our caregiver was here faithfully seven nights a week and always smiled and loved my mother as her own. I felt secure and did not worry when I knew she was caring for mother. Thank you for being in our community.


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